MTL Fashion Week #SMM 2013: The Atmosphere

montreal fashion week semaine de la mode montreal

montreal fashion week semaine de la mode montreal

montreal fashion week semaine de la mode montreal

Me and my sister chilling in the Target lounge. She was a model for the Brit Wacher show, go check out her profile here!

montreal fashion week semaine de la mode montreal

montreal fashion week semaine de la mode montreal

The final post from Montreal Fashion Week! There were booths by Covergirl and Pantene, offering free makeovers to the show attendees. I didn't take advantage of this because I unfortunately didn't have enough time between shows. However, the cocktail area was very beautiful and another wing of the venue displayed great pieces of art. 

I have to be honest with you guys by saying that I was a little intimidated by all the other people who attended the fashion shows. Not only because I was one of the youngest people there, but also because it was my first experience being surrounded by so many stylish people in the fashion industry. I'm not a person that gets shy very often, but I definitely was at this event, especially in the first few shows. However, I did find the courage to introduce myself to some people, and I am so happy that I did. I was able to meet other bloggers in Montreal, and it was amazing to see how many connections I was getting in just one night. I started my fashion blog two years ago sort of on a whim, but now that I am meeting such awesome people, attending shows, and going backstage, it feels almost surreal. I mean, it's not New York Fashion week, or backstage at Chanel, but it's a great start and I know that it's just the beginning! 

Here's to being a part of blogger nation!

xo, Dahye

*all photos taken and edited by me. Please link back to my blog if you want to use them!
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Style Me Endless said...

Aww it looks so much fun! :)
-Vivian from stylemeendless

http://lefragmentmode.blogspot.fr/ said...

Cool pictures set :D!


I see you seem to enjoy luxury fashion, I invite you to check out my blog so :D

LoveYourEgo said...

You and your sister are both so beautiful =)
Congrats to this amazing opportunity! =)


Johanna V said...

Looks like a fun and interesting event! You're lucky you got to be there ♥

Ice Pandora said...

Not surprised your sister is
a model, she's beautiful! Thanks
for sharing us these photo's!

Fanny Yuniar said...

awesome event! you must be so much fun there


Leti Freire said...

Nice pictures! Kisses.


andysparkles said...

aww so cool! great photos.



Cassandra Too said...

Congratulations on the amazing opportunity! It should be really fun! More to come for you! :D

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cassandra xx

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